MATRIXHARP is a prototype controller that rethinks modular interfaces. The interface utilizes stretch sensors to modulate parameters and capacitive sensors to make patch connections. Through this interface, patching and moving through the spectra of parameters becomes a tactile and embodied action, one less concerned with metrics. Patch connections are felt throughout the system through the physical tension of the stretch sensors being pulled and pushed. This interface also evades the “male” and “female” language of standard modular patching.

ARP 2500 EMULATION [2014]

In 2014, I began emulating the ARP2500 in MaxMSP, giving consideration to the
machine’s history, the attempt at digital translation, and the machine’s novel interface.


dual sequencer, each with ten possible steps.
can either work of the same clock or independent clocks.
clocks have high and low speeds. 


BLU [2014]

Hex Shmitt based synth with option for diode mixing, and built in distortion


matrix mixer with buffers on the inputs