CUT | 2018

digital | 11’ | link to video 

Before “talkies,” the majority of film editors were women. Film editing was seen as clerical & crafty—not creative or technical—akin to sewing and textiles manufacturing. Referred to as “cutters,” literal hands for hire to manufacture moving image, these editors crafted together narratives creating illusions of seamless continuity. Despite their involvement in 
early film production, these workers were left out of mainstream historical narratives & rarely credited—cut from the past. History is indeed an edited story. This piece is motivated by this shared, and often obfuscated, histories of film and textiles. Spinning wheels and film reels are conflated; thead is spun, a screen is woven, the material and surface through which the moving image is made possible, with the work of the invisible laborer embedded.

16mm to digital, 6’35” | link l

The present moment makes the idea of the digital synonymous wit improvement and permanence. However, encoding and decoding digital information modifies its object, causing data loss. Dwelling in a celebratory and confounding place of imperfect transmission and nonlinearity, “Lossy Recollections,” embraces digital regression, using obtuse compression techniques to generate colorful artifacts. The source materials are excerpts of degraded 16mm film - for instance, film that has rotted, or has been bleached away.

digital video, 35mm projector slides | 8’18” | link to video

Projector slides, the actual ephemera of a personal loss, point to the ephemerality of images in memory as one attempts to recall how things once were. These slides become a vehicle for making contact with the past; a bridge,however precarious and blocked, for surveying a meandering and sometimes dissolving memory.


digital video, phonograph, 5’47” | link to video 

Formally, “Record” is a sound collage built from manual manipulations of a record player. The resultant sound drives decisions in a text-generating software, culling from words of testimony and frustration, of all that remains or is kept “off record.” If a record spins in its engineered orbit, what meanings are generated in its disruption? A familiar, authoritative (and banal) masculine voice is the frame but it stammers, is cut off, and split open. There is much to be read in the noise.

super 8 film to digital. 6’ 47” | link to video 

“Vitarana” in Sanskrit means transference, though somewhat ambiguously: gift, remnant, but it can also mean passage or to cross over. This film animates an assemblage of matrilineal garments as they approach the brink of inheritance. The present as gift or granted object blurs with the temporal present, a past given presence, a passage to a past that will never be full known. The visual connections, contrasts and emphasis on surface establish the material as an imperfect conduit, invoking their actors while leaving us to wonder what lies beyond.